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Cisco 7945 XML Config file for Freshphone

Hi I was wondering if anyone has been successful in setting up a Cisco Voip phone on Freshphone and actually have not registered

Please could you share the config file with me if you have have tried multiple variations of the config file and my Cisco 7945 will just not register.

I have attached my latest config file I have removed the phone numbers and passwords if you can give my any hint of what the issue is that would be great

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Hi Ricardo,

I hope you are well. I apologise for the late response to your post. I see that you have been making calls recently, has been resolved or is it still persisting. If it is I would like you to follow the steps in the link below that shows you how to activate SIP on the Cisco device. Also please try registering the account on your mobile phone using Zoiper. It is a good way to test the internet connection if it allows the device to register the account. Please let me know what is the outcome of the troubleshooting.

Thank you. 

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