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voice quality to zim is poor

Hi Please check with your international carrier why voice quality is so bad to Harare landline numbers. I have called the same number on from my cell on MTN and the voice is clear. Local calls are OK. I've set my yealink to use G729 only.

Hi Michael

This will be due to MTN using a much more expensive route to get to Harare. Freshphone has been designed to save calling costs. That being said, we can switch you to a Premium international route, which can will enable your account to be able to call over the expensive routes that mobile carriers use

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, please change the route to Zim to one that is audiable. Where can I find the costs for the premium route?

Hi Michael

I have put the request through to the board of Directors and I am waiting on feedback for the activation of Premium routing.

Zim calls would price like the screenshots below if we changed it to Premium ( PremiumZim )

(70.2 KB)

Hi Michael

The Directors have informed me that they have signed a deal with an International Provider that is cheaper than SA Premium International ie cheaper than your mobile phone. This will be added to Freshphone users across the board in about 2 working days. Hope you can bear with it until then.

Kind regards


Cool...will wait for the new route.

Hi Michael,

Thank you. 

Hi Michael

I haven't forgotten about you. I am just waiting on the Directors to officially pass the new Call Plan. I will let you know as soon as it has been implemented.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Michael

Tweaks have been made to the international routing. Please advise if you issue still persists

Thanks, Voice call quality is now much better. Keep up the good work

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