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Outgoing voice quality to landline



I am relatively new to freshphone. So far calls to and from our household cell numbers are good as well as landline to Port Elizabeth (not great on the other end, but good enough).

I am having some trouble with calls to a free state landline (Parys, 056). I can hear them well, but they seem to battle to hear me, most of the time. There have been moments in the same call where it is crystal clear, but for most parts of a call they can't hear me properly.

This is the case whether I phone them, or they phone me, and the same from two different Android phones using Zoiper.

Any ideas?



I see there is high latency on the SIP account, you can see it on your dashboard when login your account. It seems like you are connected via Wi-Fi, would it be possible if you could disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and try and make a call using your mobile data?

Thanks for the info, I will have a look at the latency on the dashboard and try a few things...


Hi Zach

To elaborate further, if you can hear them clearly, then the download speed of your connection is good. If They struggle to hear you, then it means that your upload speed is suffering

Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Do you have any numbers like an approximate minimum upload speed for clear calls? I am on Afrihost RAIN and have noticed some intermittent slow downs in upload speed (Reception seems to affect uploads disproportionately.

I was using an older LG phone which I had hoped to leave around the house as"the phone", but noticed a significant improvement in latency when using my LG G5. So far calls on the G5 are much better (but I haven't made many). In the meantime I have ordered a Grandstream HT801 to serve as dedicated VOIP device.


Hi Zach

The older phones have weaker network cards in them, hence your G5 sounding clearer. The ATA Adapator will be hard cabled into the router and this should help immensely.

Theoretically the minimum download speed should be around 100kb/s, if nothing else is using that connection. I have heard from Freshphone users with 100meg fibre connection that suffer from call quality when their kids/wife/husband are all on the internet Youtubing/Facebooking etc

 Thanks a lot, the latency was definitely the issue. Zoiper on my LG G5 worked well, and I have since switched to the Grandstream HT801 which also works very well with a simple siemens wireless handset.

I am very happy with the service so far...

Hi Zach,

Thank you.

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