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Both are voip no's not receiving incomming calls consistently

Hi Please check both our voip no's is not receiving calls consistently, they are both saying invalid (c)

Please investigate. below is the 2 no's



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Hi Maarten,

I hope you are well. I had a look at your accounts and I see that both are offline. If you are using the Zoiper application as a Freshphone device that could be what is causing the issue. The free Zoiper application does not come with the push notification feature which allows the account to stay active even though you have closed the app. If the account is offline the system will not push calls through and will give the caller an engaged tone. You need to have the free version consistently open in the background to keep the account active. If you are looking into upgrading to the premium version I would suggest you purchase the Groundwire application which works like a dream with our system. 

Thank you. 

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