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Setup Freshphone on Telkom Pace Router


Could you please help in setting up SIP on a Telkom Pace Router

Attached is a screen shot of the settings


Thanks in advanced


Hi Gary,

I hope you are well. Looking at the screenshot all fields have been filled in correctly. There is only one issue that I can see which is the URI scheme, please remove the (sip:). Once removed please reregister the account. 

Thank you. 

Hi there
Were you able to get up and running? I've got a Pace router I am trying to use as well... I've managed to get it working with other providers, but FreshPhone gives an error when registering. 

I've aligned my settings to the above screenshot, without the sip: prefix.



HI there

Please send us a support ticket with your teamviewer details 

so that we an login in and try to register the device.

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