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Calling Rate to 087 number

I called  087180**** today and was billed at around 83c per minute.

I  expected the rate for this "national number" to be 39c per minute.

Am I overlooking something?

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Hi Fred

An 087 number is not a national number, this is another VoIP companies number that probably charges that rate per minute to be called

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I called 0860998877 Discovery and spent 18 minutes and 3 seconds on the call I was billed R10.39 which equates to about 57 cents per minute. I expected this to cost 39 cents per minute???

Hi Michael

National numbers are landlines ie 011 021 031 etc. 0860 numbers are Telkom Share Call numbers and our billed at different rates depending on how that have been set up. Some share the cost, and some put all the cost on the caller etc For example the Discovery ones are billed at 57c and the Neotel ones are billed at 82c

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