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Unable to login to freshphone TMS from RAIN LTE (AFRIHOST)

Unable to login to the TMS from the RAIN LTE (AFRIHOST) network- server does not respond. Switching over to my iphone (mtn) hotspot immediately works. IP address at the time was B315 is also not registering not sure if the root cause is the same (this ip range being blocked). 

Hi Richard, 

We have an open case with Afrihost and RAIN regarding this issue. We apologise for the inconvenience, unfortunately, we are reliant on them to resolve this.

Problem still persists. Any news  from RAIN - do you have an ETA ???

Unfortunately not, we are still waiting on feedback from them. I will let you know as soon as we have any.


Hi Richard

We have received feedback from Afrihost/RAIN saying that the routing as been resolved

using the cellphone it does open but on my system it doesn't

I cannot login on my system , but on the cellphone it does open so what is real problem?

Hi Moloke,

If you can log into the system via your phone, which means your PC browser is the one at fault. Please try clearing the cookies and cache on the browser.  

Thank you. 

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