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Cannot log in

 login page times out so I cannot get to my dashboard

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Hi John,

It seems there's an issue on the RAIN network and reaching our IP ranges, I actually use RAIN too and I can not reach it either. Please try login from your mobile phone's data network to confirm.

We will take this up with RAIN.

I still have the problem. Surely it needs to be fixed so that I can change settings and buy time. More so if it effects all RAIN customers.


Unfortunately, the issue still persists with Afrihost and all RAIN clients, we have escalated this but you are more than welcome to give them a call as well. I would suggest mabe using a different internet connection should you need to make any changes as other ISP's are working perfectly fine. 

Hi John

Afrihost/RAIN have fixed their routing and this issue should now be resolved

Cannot login

Hi Moloke,

I hope you are well. Please elaborate on your query. 

Thank you. 

I'm trying to login to my system access my account , the very first page doesn't open to allow me to put my username and password

I mean the dashboard itself i cannot reach that

Hi Moloke,

I see you created a private ticket, we will resolve the issue there. 

Thank you. 

Error when logging in continuous

Hi Patrick,

Replied on your private ticket you created. 

Thank you. 

Im having this issue again with a friend of mine that is using rain any fix for it ? Phone was working perfectly fine a week ago 

Hi Tyron,

As per the previous post this has been resolved.

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