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Only port 5061 working

Hi can someone possibly explain something to me? We have two freshphone accounts both using a Linksps PAP2 IP to Analogue phoen adaptor. One is in the main house and the other in my mother in laws flat. This last week she has been complaining that her phone is not working. Going into the dashboard and the linksys PAP configuration page I see that the Linksys cannot connect to freshphone even though the internet is up and the other Linksys is working.

I then went about comapring the settings between the two Linksys PAP devices and I notced that the one that is working has its SIP port set to 5061 while the not working one has its port set to 5060. Setting the Flat one to 5061 resolved the issue and both phones are working now with port 5061.

My question though is if port 5061 is officially supported by freshphone?

For the record our ISP is webafrica and we are connecting to them using Fibre (Openserve) 100mbs.

Hi Anthony,

That is strange, if it was working previously then nothing should have changed. We support port 5060 UDP and 5060/5061 TCP. Do you know if those devices are using TCP or UDP?

Hi, I have not run anything like wireshark on them (will try tonight) but looking at the usermanual under the problem solving section there is only talk about opening firewall ports on UDP protocol, no mention of TCP anywhere in the manual at all.

Some devices you can specify the port in the registration URL, for example,;transport=udp. This is the case with older snom phones I am not sure about the Linksys, I will have at the manual and see if I can find anything.

how can I use my existing analogue handset with fibre for voip

Hi Esther

You need to purchase a device called an ATA Adaptor. Grandstream make them. Models are HT-801, HT-802

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