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Off Line Staatus

 My Dashboard status the I am Offline.

Could please let me know what has happened and how to remedy.



i am away on holiday but still note that m,y status is OFF Line.

I would be most interested as to the cause.




Hi William,

I hope you are well. Please advise on what device or software you have the Fresh phone account running on. 

Thank you.


I am not sure what you require.  I have a Cisco SPA 112 device connected.  I am away from home and can not check if my phone is working.  However my Dashboard shows my status as OFFLINE.

Should it not be ONLINE?


It should show online, the reason why it would show offline is if the device is disconnected, no internet connection, etc. Best way to troubleshoot would be to check on the device if there is an error and that everything is connected as it should be. Please let me know when you are close to the device so we could troubleshoot.

I have now returned from vacation and found that my phone was still not working although all connections were correct.
While away I remember seeing a suggestion that the only way to correct this problem was to disconnect my device for at least 3 hours.  I decided to try this and left the device disconnect overnight.
I reconnected next morning everything seems to be working OK.


Hi William,

Thank you. 

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