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Blocking Incoming Calls

Is there functionality to block certain incoming numbers/calls? I see there is a Blacklist to prevent certain numbers from being dialled, but it seems only capable of blocking outgoing calls on the number.

Hi Craig

Blocking of numbers is handled by the device that you are using. ie You need to do this on your phone

It seems FreshPhones preferred Android app Zoiper does not support it either as they advise that it needs to be done on service provider side.

Can you advise of any apps that supports FreshPhone and has such functionality?

Hi Craig,

I hope you are well. The Freshphone system can be used on any SIP softphone. I do not know which application has that functionality. If you do find an application that allows you to block incoming calls please let us know. 

Thank you. 

I would also like this functionality on the service provider side. Would be a huge benefit to manage it on the control panel where blocking of international calls are also managed, instead of having to figure out how to do it on each different phone device or software voip application.

There is this +237 number that keeps on phoning me on all random times and it really is annoying. Pretty sure its one of those spammers that want you to phone back and then it costs massive amounts of money.

Is there any way we could request this as a future feature to be implemented?

Unfortunately we can not implement this, this would require a database look up of every single call coming into our system, (that is hundreds of calls per second) the code would have to step through each entry to see if it matches. This would put immense load on the servers. I can only suggest you manage the blacklisting on your VoIP phone, I know phones such as Yealink are capible of this. It will not stop them calling you but it will silently kill the call each time they do.

David, another thing I can do, I see those calls come in on the 087 number, I can block this number from receiving calls, this way you will only be able to receive on your 021 number. Is this something you would be open to?

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That would be perfect for me on that one yes. I don't use the 087# on the one where I have the ported 021#. Thank you!

Hi David, 

I have disabled that 087 number for you, please ignore my missed call.

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Thank you again :)

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