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SIP Register Failed error

My account randomly disconnects with the error message: "SIP Register Failed". The longest period it has been connected without a disconnect, is 2 weeks.

Fanvil X3SP phone and additional VOIP accounts work without any issues on my fibre line.

Is there any technical issues on my account?

Hi Gregori,

I hope you are well. What internet connection is the phone running on when not connected to the fibre connection? Your fibre line is a stronger internet connection which will hold the registration. With mobile and ADSL connections it is weaker and if you are running voice and data over the same line it could cause the phone to lose connection and deregister. Please give me more information regarding this query and I will assist.

Thank you. 


Thank you for your response.

The VOIP phone is only on the fibre network - We never use Mobile or ADSL networks due to their unstable and unreliable connections.

Our Mikrotik logs all traffic spikes above 5Mbps (out of 10Mbps line speed), and it is very rare that these spikes occur. We even disconnected all network equipment except the VOIP phone, Mikrotik router and CPE, without success.

Only way to get re-connected to the FreshPhone network, is leave the VOIP phone unplugged for 3 hours.

Other VOIP accounts work without any issues.

Thank you for looking into the issue.

Hi Gregori,

Is it possible for you to do a traceroute to our server address Please screenshot the results. 

Thank you.


Thanks again for your response.

Please find screenshot attached. Removed my public IP address from the screenshot.

Hi Gregori,

Please can you bypass your mikrotik router to test the phone. 

Thank you. 


The phone is currently connected to the FreshPhone SIP server and is not having any issues at the moment.

This issue occurs randomly (ie: last night).

Hi Gregori,

There were no reported issues lastnight on our side. The phone could have had a bad connection and deregistered itself. 

Thank you.  

Hi,  my phone has also deregistered itself, how do register it again?  Error is 'SIP registration failed'.  I am on fibre and all other internet services ok. 

Hi John,

I have checked  and looks like your account is currently online via a IP.

Please advise if the phone is still reflecting as registration failed from your side.

Also have permanent SIP registration fail (phone has never worked)

There is a Grandstream ATA working on the line

Here is the traceroute


Hi Chris,

I do currently see your device online from our side.

Please advise if you are still experiencing issues.

It is fine, thank you

I am trying to connect my T42G Yealink to my account 27872232926.

Register status = registering for about 10mins and the says Registration failed? See below any ideas?



Hi Gordon, 

I see the device is up and running at the moment : 

Please advise if assistance is still required :) 

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