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Cannot hear incoming caller

To say that I am disappointed in the Freshphone service is an understatement. Regardless of whether connected to a Wifi network (fibre or ADSL) or a cellular network, the service is seriously lacking.

When I receive incoming calls, I can never hear the person calling, even when they try multiple times to call me on the number.

Using the Zoiper app at this juncture, but at the point of moving to another SP.

Good day, Craig, 

We regret that you are having such a bad experience and that you had to resort to a post such as this one, as your very first forum post, ticket or communication with FreshPhone ever. 

Please provide us with your connectivity and network details as well as the device you are using, in order for us to endeavour to prevent any future disappointment you might experience. 

We also recommend phoning in from an alternative network to check if it may be related to the operator calling inbound. 

It happens whether using Vodacom data, Neotel Wireless Broadband, Axxess ADSL or Cool Ideas Fibre with Vumatel as the infrastructure service provider.

In terms of incoming operators, Telkom and 2 international calls as well as 087 numbers (but not sure who the operators are in respects of that).

Configuration was followed to a T as per the instructions on the site.. Currently using the Zoiper app on an LG G4 Beat.

Hi Craig, 

We loaded your extension on Zoiper over LTE and had c call made to your 087 number, the call went through successfully and call quality and sound was perfect. 

This leads us to believe that either your device or your connection is the root of your issues. 

Please reevaluate your network and Zoiper setup. 

In the event you are still stuck, please do let us know and we will try to assist you the best we can. 



Have reinstalled the app and reconfigured. Will test it on the various connections and revert.

Perfect, thank you 

Goodmorning Craig, 

Have you managed to test your new configuration out yet, please let us know if you were successful? 

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