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Geographically Ported Telkom to FreshPhone Numbers Overseas

Hi there. I was wanting to know if Geographically Ported Telkom to FreshPhone Numbers would work anywhere in South Africa or overseas if I took my GrandStream HT802 and DLink DIR825 as is and plugged them into an Internet connection?

We may be moving and it would be nice to keep the number.

Hi Paul, 

If your Geo number is ported to us, you should be able to pick up your HT802 and plug it in anywhere in the world (except maybe Dubai and other UAE areas, I think they are still blocking SIP) and it should work perfectly. 

We have a South African user in New Zealand using Freshphone, the UK and also Australia! No issues.

That is awesome. One of the countries we are thinking about is New Zealand and the other is Hawaii.

It has been awesome. My mom in law is deaf and has said the quality has been good to the USA, Australia and cheap too.

Great I am glad you have found the service useful! Good luck with the move, if you do have any issues please let us know and we will attempt to assist you as soon as possible.


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