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Afrihost/Vumatel outage

Hi there. I am writing this to help those affected by the recent Afrihost/Vumatel outage. Vumatel changed our VLAN and Afrihost was not aware of this apparently. We had an outage for 13 days from Friday 10 November. My DLink DIR825 router also failed. The new correctly configured DIR825 did not work. When we finally got back online the last thing to be working of course was my GrandStream HT802. I could not get it to register. Nothing had changed since 10 Nov when it last worked and I had taken photos of the old DIR825 setup.

I then noticed that I had disabled anti-spoofing, SPI and SIP ALG since this had been advised. I had read different Internet references for these settings and my DIR825. After I re-enabled all of them my GrandStream HT802 registered and I had a 30 minute phone call to my dad in Sedgefield and the quality was excellent.

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Awesome! Thanks so much Paul, I am sure others affected users will greatly appreciate this!

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