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ATCOM A21 instalation

Good day, I have an ATCOM A21 VOIP phone, problem is I cant seem to get it active when looking on the freshphone website it says inactive, the the atcom phone instalation manual is worth nothing, also when trying to link my pc to the phone by entering the phone's IP adress into the browser and then entering the standard admin admin as user name and password it only says acsess denied. So I entered the all the data manualy on the phone and not via the web, but no success. is there a step by step guide maybe for the ATCOM phones when using freshphone? kind regards Jaco

It is a Huawei E5186s-61a Router and using Telkom LTE network

Hi Jaco

The only things that need to be filled in on an Atcom that's on factory default are the below


Outbound Proxy is always a maybe ( if the others don't work )

The only thing I can think is that we blocked your IP when you initially installed credentials in the incorrect place. This is there for security reasons. Google Whats my IP and please send the IP that it gives you, then we can check if it has been blocked

This is the adress I get when I google it.

Hi Jaco

I see a on our blacklist. I presume you made a typo. I am unblocking it. Please test again

Thank you, still unregistered, is this maybe due to a password entered incorectly?

Hi Jaco

Most probably. I server would block your IP again though, and yes, it is there again. I will have to unblock. re-do the password and then let me know when I can unblock the IP again

Thank you, its working now. :-)

Hi Jaco

Please remove all the settings that you added in the VoIP section on your router, as this is where it is clashing

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