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Can't call through sip android

I've setup a sip account on my android phone but when I try to call it gives the message "Can't call, cancel".

I'm already using the number on a voip router, is that the problem? Can't I use the same account on multiple devices for outgoing and only one for incoming?

Hi Helena,

Technically you could use the registration on more than one device but it would not work properly. You see they will contantly fight for registration so while you should be able to make outbound calls, you will either receive inbound on your router or your mobile phone. We dont suggest splitting these accounts over multiple devices.

Regarding the Cant call error, which codec are you using? it should state in the SIP settings.

I only intend to use the mobile for outgoing, so it should be able to do it.

I can't find something about codec in the SIP settings

Hi Helena

Which model Android phone do you use so I can investigate which codec it uses/has or where to change it

Nexus 5 (LG-D820)

Hi Helena

As per this link, it uses G711 which will not work on Freshphone. Your best option is Groundwire which is a premium App ( about R99 ) or Zoiper which is free

Thanks I triedĀ Zoiper and it worked!

Is there a way to have a different caller ID on the mobile?

I put my cell number in the settings of Zoiper but when calling it still shows the landline as the caller ID (from Account Settings on

Hi Helena

The Caller ID on the TMS will push through with higher priority. You won't be able to have to different Caller ID's, unless you go sign up another account and add it to your current account, then you can install one on each phone and control both caller ID's from the TMS'sĀ 

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