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Outgoing call delays

Hi . I have just installed my freshphone account on my snom 710 device.

The issue I have is when I place an outgoing call it takes around 25 - 30 seconds to place the call which is very long. Incoming calls work perfectly.

On my cell phone using a bria sip client it works fine on the same network but as soon as I try from my SNOM handset it has the delay.

Can you advise any possible reason ?

Kind regards

Hi Robert

We just picked up an issue on the Upstream Provider that we push traffic through for Freshphone and we have diverted it to a new Provider. Please test and advise if it has now been resolved

Yes still not working correctly.

Hi Robert

Are you still experiencing PDD ( post dial delay)?

good morning Fresh,im also having same problem since yesterday..when i make a call it takes about 40sec before it ring.before it has been working perfect..using sip on myHUAWEL  LTE CPE B593...

Hi Robert

Please also set all codecs as G.729A

Hi Robert,

I hope you are well. Please see screenshot below. The RTP settings on the account need to be switched off. 

Image result for snom 710 web interface

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