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email address you entered is incorrect or badly formatted

when trying to register a new account i get this error:

email address you entered is incorrect or badly formatted

Anyone able to urgently assist

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1 person has this problem

Hi I also have this problem. Have tried Safari, Chrome and iPad. No luck

I also tried various web browsers. Its very frustrating that we cannot get support on this.

Hum. Maybe don't use FreshPhone and go to Axxess although it costs R50pm inc calls


Are you trying to sign up for another account? is this why you are using a different email address to your other account with us?

Hi Rob

We have just picked up the issue on our side and we are looking into it

Hi Rob and Richard

The issue has been resolved. Validation is working again

Thank you

I just tried signing up for another number, get an error there is something seriously wrong with my email, it is however the same email I have a number on already, not sure whereto from here?

Hi Phillip, 

I see you already have five accounts linked to the email in question. The maximum amount for SIP registration/SIP accounts are five and that is why you are not allowed to allocate another.

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