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Porting forms

your porting info refers to "A signed authorised order form and personal authorisation letter. (To be completed online)"

How? Where?


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Hi Steve

Please send your query to

Just put a response on the Forum then we all know.

Good Day,

Once you have signed up for your FreshPhone account and paid the porting fee, you will be redirected to the porting application form which you will complete and sign online and then return back to the submission site to upload the completed application along with your Telephone bill and ID copy.

Hope you find the above in order.


FreshPhone Porting

Hi There where do I need to upload my telkom bill i already loaded my ID.thx

All 3 documents are uploaded on the same form. Then I submitted the first time I made a mistake on the form and I was able to submit a second request using the same documents.

Hi Pierre,

Please follow the steps in the PDF attached, in order to port your current number to FreshPhone. 

All porting documents (Telephone bill, ID and completed porting application) will need to be uploaded via the Formstack link once you have paid for the porting fee.


FreshPhone Porting

Hi I did not upload my telkom bil or id once paid the R150 how can i reload the docs. Thanks

Hi Pierre,

Please send a mail to and we will send you a link that will allow you to bypass the payment prompt. You will then be able to upload your docs as required.

Hope you find the above in order.



Hi, I did not load my id and invoice. I already paid. How can I submit these documents . Tried logging into to send mail , can't seem to find as how I can send mail to this address.

 i did not upload my Id and invoice . I have made payment .Please send me a link , bypassing the payment prompt

FS Ishak

Hi Farouk

I replied to the private ticket  you logged.

Thank you

Fresh Admin

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