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I have a SOUND POINT IP 331,wanted some step by step on setting up sip account on it.thank you in advance

Hi Bradley,

Obtain the IP address of the phone to be able to access the web interface. Press “Menu” on the phone and select “Status”. From that menu select “Network” and then “TCP/IP Configuration Parameters”. You will be shown the IP of the phone. Use your web browser to navigate to this IP.
The interface will be shown.

Click on the SIP tab and under “Outbound Proxy” enter the IP of the PBX for “Address” and select “UDPonly” for “Transport”Under the “Server 1” section, configure the fields as follows:
• Address:
• Port: 5060
• Transport: UDP only
• Expires: 60

Click “Submit”. The phone will restart. After restarting, go back to the web interface and click the “LINE” tab.Under the “Identification” tab, use the following settings:
• Display Name: An identifier, for example “Conference”
• Address: your
• Auth User ID: username
• Auth Password: sip password
• Label: "Conference"
• Num Line Keys: 1
• Calls Per Line: 1
The Address and Auth User ID/Password must match configured in 3CX

Under “Server 1” user the following settings
• Address:
• Port: 5060
• Transport: UDP only
• Expires: 60

All other settings can be left default.

Now click submit, the phone will restart.

Thank you Fresh Man,i will try it soon as get home tomorrow.

i can't access the web interface of this phone model..soundpoint 331

Hi Bradley

Then the phone might be broken ( as long as you are in the same IP range on your PC and on the Polycom)


I noticed the Topic is 3 years old. But i just got a polycom 331 to setup at home and I can get to web app for the polycom. I cant see the images? are the settings still the same?

Hi Matthys,

I will create a ticket for you so we can discuss the issue further. 

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