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The number you have dialed does not exist

Good day,

I signed up and finished the RICA process the other day and have setup Zoiper on my andriod phone to test incoming and outgoing calls while I wait for my physical VoIP handset.

Currently when I try to dial the number associated with my account 0873547011 all I receive is the automated response "The number you have dialed not be found on the Euphoria network"

I have tried both with my phones mobile data and while on wifi as I thought it might be an issue with the wifi router at first.

Not sure what I can do from my side. Any help toward a resolution would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Ian

Seems to be working correctly now

Have a great day


Just got a call from you guys,

unfortunately when I tested it now dialing from my telkom landline to my freshphone number I was still presented with the same automated message of the number not being found on the network :/

The connection seemed fine when receiving the call from the technician.

I have tested now with the landline and two different cellphones with different providers. Both on wifi and mobile data. Sorry for the hassle but still getting the same automated response.

Hi Ian

Upon further investigation, I found that the number that was assigned to your account is a number that is no longer with us. I have rectified t and replaced the number as per our communication.

Have a great day

Perfect, tested and working.

Thank you for the prompt response and fast resolution to the issue.



good morning i believe someone was using my account, now i delete my old accounts and registered a new one ,as im testing it now is saying the number you have dialed is invalid i have tried so many numbers still not working..i want to purchase airtime if everything works out..for now i only have the free 5rand airtime..if i go aheard and purchase airtime will i be able to make call?

27870953040 this the one im using now

Good morning Bradley/Londiwe, 

Unfortunely your account has been subject to investigation for misuse. There for all outbound has been blocked. May you please provide us with a copy of a utility bill/lease/account which states your name and physical address. Unfortunely your ID book is not sufficent in this case.

Please email these documents to

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