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Handset registered ok but no incoming call


I have a Yealink 52p base/handset. It has registered successfully and it makes outgoing calls. However when calling the number (ported ex telkom) it says "subscriber at extension (orig fp number) is not available" and on account page it reads "Device Status: offline".

Connected via CellC LTE Router RTL30VW to Vumatel Fibre.

If I use Zoiper app on either android or iphone it works perfectly for both incoming and outgoing. I have deleted the account from both apps but still no joy.

Is there something in the router or alternatively the Yealink setup that is preventing the incoming? Why would it register the device in the "Account" panel but then not be available?


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Hi Micheal, 

It seems you are having registration issues through your router. It's entirely possible that the CellC router is blocking SIP traffic, we have many clients complaining about VoIP not working on the CellC network. Can I assume that the fibre is through Vumatel but the ISP is CellC?

I have the same question as above but my ISP is MWEB and thefiber through vumatel


I have a similar issue. Outgoing calls work fine. Incoming calls work sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't. Don't see how the mobile operator or ISP would be relevant. We have had the same issue on incoming calls from Vodacom and MTN networks.

at first I thought it was, because I was running the app on my phone as well. When I uninstalled the app and restarted the handset, it worked first time around and then nothing afterwards.

I also thought that when setting up the SIP, I didn't enter my number as "name" in all the fields. That also seemed to solve the issue temporarily, but then it went back to not working.

This is really frustrating. 

Hi Martin, please be advised that you will need to reset the app before uninstalling it otherwise the push token is not removed from the server. Basically the server still thinks it should be registered and keeps this registration alive on the push server, this means your physical phone will only be registered for a few mins before the push server tries to register again, it is quite aggressive. Since the app is no longer installed the phone call has no where to go. Please reinstall the app, register and then in the settings reset the application.

Unfortunately we do not support multi device simultaneous registration at this stage, when we designed the system it was to replace telkom home phones, multi device is more a business PBX feature.

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Thanks Fresh Man, that did indeed resolve my issue. I had to do it on both phones I had the app installed on briefly. 

Hi Martin,

Thank you. 

I had a B315s-936 setup a while ago for FreshPhone and it worked well. I intended reusing the router, this time to provide Internet and VOIP on a CellC Home Connecta Flexi bundle. I tested the setup thoroughly on my existing CellC data contract SIM, and it worked fine. However, after I had bought a new prepaid sim today, converted to the Home Connecta Flexi and loaded a 100GB bundle, the VOIP service no longer works correctly. I can make outgoing calls, but incoming calls end up with a not-available voice message, if voice messaging is tuned on, or engaged signal if voice messaging is turned of on the FreshPhone dashboard.

The only significant difference I can spot is that the contact sim roams on Vodacom (and it shows on the router web interface), whereas the prepaid Home Connecta Flexi is supposed to roam on MTN (as per CellC Home Connecta Flexi web page), but currently shows CellC.

I switched back SIMs twice, and the problem only occurs with the Home Connecta Flexi sim. I also ran tests calling from another FreshPhone number, and get the same results.

PS the Huawei router shows registered for both SIMS

Hi Johann

The issue might be the service provider is blocking certain network ports on on how the data of that particular sim routes out to, as you mentioned you noticed that the prepaid sim use a different routing method as it goes through MTN backend where was the contract sim goes through Vodacom .

Please try changing the network transportation protocol from UDP to TCP traffic as most companies use UDP for SIP traffic.

If this does not work then you will need to speak to CELL C to get you on a unrestricted APN.

Please let me know if this sorts out the connection issue.

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