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No incoming calls

I just got my telkom nr ported and installed Zoiper on my iPhone. I am only managing to receive incoming calls when the Zoiper app is open. If I close the app I get no incoming calls

So i installed Zoiper on an Android phone, but also have to keep app open.
Please advise


Hi Mayurmadoo

Android allows Zoiper to run in the background, so you do not have to close the app. Just navigate away from the App to keep it running in the background.

Have another question, if i have zoiper running on an android and groundwire running on an Iphone wheni receive incoming calls will both phones ring.


Hi Mayuradoo

They will end up fighting each other for registration. One of them will always be online, depending on which one registered last. Both will not work at the same time as calls are sent by our server to the last port that it registered from. Each time a device registers, it gets a different port

Thanks. So I guess if I have 2 voip cordless then I won’t have an issue, the only thing the phones are expensive. I have 2 existing Bell analogue cordless phones that I used to use on telkom , any way of using that

Hi Mayurmadoo

Analogue phones can be used if you purchase an ATA adaptor, and then install your Freshphone account on it. It plugs into an internet connection to register your account, and then converts the signal to Analogue and has a port that you can plug an analogue phone into. Grandstream make well priced models eg HT-701

Hi Mayumdoo

iPhones do not allow the application to run in the background, only Android phones do. Groundwire is an app that has push notifications and is kept alive by the Groundwire servers when on an iPhone. The app is a premium app.

My advice is to use Groundwire if you have an iPhone

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