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Conflict when I connect second Grandstream HT801 VOIP adapter.

 My connection works fine using a Grandstream HT801 VOIP adapter. My problem started when I tried to add a second account using a second adapter.

When I reboot the adapter (or toggle "account active" off and then back on) the Freshphone dashboard status goes "online" and everything works fine. But after between 30 seconds and five minutes it changes to "offline".This is not always on the second adapter. I have tried various combinations of the two accounts on the two adapters. The problem occurs on some wierd combination of account, adapter and LAN port. Clearly though there is some sort of conflict. Are there any settings on the adapters that could avoid this? Alternatively are there diagnostics on your server that could show what is happening?

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Hi John

I can see that your account ending in 174 is online. Which second account are you struggling with?

Account number 27879432395


Hi John

NAT Traversal must be disabled on the ATA Adaptor. It causes similar problems to SIP ALG.

Everything looks good account wise. I am just busy testing by registering on a device here and see if the registration timeout can be replicated

Hi Freshman
NAT Traversal has settings: No, Keep-alive, STUN and UPnP.  Both units were set to No.


I don't know if it might be relevant but both units are actually HT802 rather than HT801 (the suppliers were presumably out of stock of 801). The second port on both is set: Account Active = No.


Hi John

Account stays registered on SIP mobile App and on a SIP phone and on an HT701 ( we don't have any 801's or 802's) The guilty culprit is either the Device, the router, or the internet connection

The next thing to try, would be to see if that device deregisters your other account ( the one that is online) You will need to unplug the device that it is currently on to ensure no clashing. Please do that and see if you can keep it registered for longer than 5 minutes 30 seconds

OK let me see if I understand. I will unplug device currently online. Then I will set other device to the account that is currently online and then connect it?


OK Done


Hi John

That is correct, now we see if it stays online. I can see it online on my side

Hi John

Okay, it is still online and seems to have passed the 5 minute 30 seconds. So it seems the device is working fine. 

Maybe when they are both on at the same time, they might be fighting over the same SIP port. It is registered over port 5060 now. Are you able to change the local SIP port of the second device to 5090? I have a feeling it might be the answer.

Both accounts seem to be online now

Sorry I got it wrong. I connected the other device and the other account


OK I think I can change the port but I need to do something else for an hour. I will tell you when I have done it.


Both accounts are still online. It seems the 5 minute 30 second issue has vanished

No there is something wrong. I only have one adapter connected to 27879432395


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