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Outgoing Caller ID drops Country Code

When setting up outgoing caller ID, the system will replace the leading 0 with +27.

But when dialling out, the +27 part gets dropped and Caller ID only shows 87xxxxxxx or 11xxxxxxx depending on what I set it, on my mobile phone which means I can't redial unless I manually type it in.

Is this normal or an error on my part?

So I figured out it is a problem with MTN when I am roaming from Telkom Mobile.

If I am on the Telkom network or if I call a MTN number, it appears properly.

Hi Mohammed

Okay, so they are not passing the caller ID over properly. This is something that you will need to report to them. We unfortunately can't do anything about that

Hi Mohammed

We just tested it and it shows the +2787xxxx, and we are able to click redial on our mobile.


Maybe it's my phone or Telkom, but this is what I get when calling my phone from the Zoiper app.

I'll try later with different phones and apps to see what is going on.


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