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Linksys PAP2

Who can assist me to make my Linksys PAP2 work please?

Hi Theo

It will obviously use your SIP credentials for registration. Here is a video on how to access the device and do the basic setup configurations

Hi Fresh Man

It is now all configured and your system sees my connection, but I have no dial tone and cannot make or receive phone calls.

What is next?

Hi Theo

I called it now to test and I see the device is definitely receiving a signal as I can see it is online and it rang when I called it. The issue must lie with passing the call onto the Analog phone. Might be a cable connection issue. Or you need to change the tone/pulse setting to tone on the analog phone



I phoned it myself from another phone.  It rings in my ear but not on the device and even after picking the phone up (without hearing a ring), it does not connect at all (it keeps ringing on the other phone).  So still no dial tone and no making or receiving any phone calls.

I have verified that the phone is on tone (I can communicate with the Linksys via the tone pad of the phone connected to the Linksys).  I even replaced the phone cable, no joy.  

Hi Fresh Man,

Well, after configuring the second line with another voip supplier and plugging in a phone on that line, both lines suddenly went live!  Now I can make & receive calls, no problem.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Theo

That's great news



Hi freshman

Im having a similar problem using the Linksys Pap2.

I can receive calls with no hassle, i just can not dial out. the phone is set to tone dial.

can you help please

Hi Hamza,

Please try using the outbound proxy, you will set the proxy to address. 

Thank you. 

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