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Device status changes to "offline"

 I am using a Grandstream HT801 VOIP adapter connected to my router via wifi. When I reboot the adapter (or toggle "account active" to off and then back to on) the Freshphone dashboard status goes "online" and everything works fine. But after between 30 seconds and five minutes it changes to "offline". Please help.

Thanks. I should have mentioned that I am trying to connect a second adapter with a second account. I will open a new ticket and mention that.


Hi John, 

It sounds like your firewall may be blocking the service, this could be why when you initially register the phone - originating a connection from within your network the device will indicate that it is online, but after a few seconds the keep alive sent to the device can no longer reach it as the firewall may be blocking incoming traffic. 

To resolve this issue, you will need to check your firewall and security settings to ensure you are not actively blocking or or you would need to speak to your Internet Service provider about unblocking traffic to our servers. 

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