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Incoming calls always get "Busy"

Good day

I have registered an account for each member of the household and each has their own phone. Mine is the only one not working - I get a "busy" signal when calling my number. 

I've tried across various phones, and connections. Must be a problem on your side. What is the best avenue for a speedy resolution?

Could it be related to me trying out the voicemail feature? (Which also failed.)


When you say you have registered an account? do you mean an 087 freshphone account for each person?

When you call your number, is it your mobile number or the freshphone number which gives a busy signal?

Yes, 4 separate accounts all separately verified. All of them work except mine.

Only my Freshphone number gives a busy signal when I dial the 087 number from any phone, I have tried several, even though it's set up and supposed to work exactly like the others that have no problems.

Hi Coenraad,

Please confirm if the issue with your account DID has been resolved?

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