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Recent influx incoming of wrong numbers on +2787 number

Hi, I'm dealing with a very odd (and frankly concerning) issue at the moment.

Since around the 23rd September 2017, my line has been receiving calls from numbers I don't know originating from (+237 - Cameroon) & (+260 - Cameroon). I do not know anyone in these places, and since I have a ported landline number linked to my line, I thought that they may be dialling my landline number, but I checked in my TMS and I can clearly see that the +2787 number is the DID that's being dialled.

Is there some explanation of why this is happening, and more importantly is there a way of making these unknown numbers stop calling me?

I am aware of various scams related to numbers from certain regions, who give you a missed call (usually on your mobile number) and if you mistakenly call back, you lose airtime / data. So I am not sure if this could be that as well.

I'd appreciate some assistance on this one please.

Hi Odwa,

That is strange, I will see if there is a way we can assist by blocking calls to that 087 number, does anyone else call you on that number?

Hi Fresh Man,

So far, I've not given out the 087 number to anyone. So if it could block incoming calls (maybe on a temporary basis) that would be fine by me. Since most people who call me only know and use the landline number which I ported to FreshPHONE.

So long as blocking the 087 won't affect how the landline operates.

I honest even suspected that it may have been a number that was used by someone else before, and was then recycled and made available for use when I selected it.

Either way, it is annoying as they phone at odd times, and they call repeatedly when they do call.

Sorry for the delay, I just tested my changes and the 087 number no longer works, you should still receive calls on 021. Please let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks Fresh Man. I'll test it when I get back home later on and revert back with any issues.

Just one last question, if I ever did want to re-instate that 087 (for some or other reason), will that still be available for me to do?

Yes, it would be, I just wouldn't be able to bar people from calling it. Basically, it has a null route on it at the moment, I can always change that to route back to the trunk should wish.


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