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Vibe Router with Freshphone

Hi, I have just installed my Freshphone! The line quality is good but wondering if I installed a Vibe router, whether it would improve the line quality? Thanks.

Hi Jed, we have responded to another one of your posts, now seeing this one we can assume that you have resolved the registration issues?

FreshPhone does not support ViBE, and even if this could be implemented the call quality would not be improved, it would simply offer you the ability to draw a connection from multiple connectivities. 

Play around with the audio codecs and disable the ones you do not use. 

Best to lowest: G729 , iLBC, GSM

Thank you, yes, it is sorted now. 

Many thanks for the feedback. I will try this. In this case, should i disable all codecs except for G729 and try it on this before moving the the "lower" codecs? 

Thanks again. 

Hi Jed, 

Yes, that would be the best way to move forward. 


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