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Does a ported geographical number keep it's "landline" status?

Once I have ported my Telkom landline number, are calls to that number (ie calls that I receive) charged as calls to a landline, or calls to an 087 mobile? I have friends and relatives both in South Africa and abroad with free calls to a landline. I want to make sure that my ported number remains classified as a landline, so that these people can continue to call me for free once the number has been ported

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Once a Telkom landline is ported it becomes a VoIP number which is subject to VoIP interconnect rates. Therefore the number will not keep its "Landline" status.



I think the question 's intent was to establish this- what are the costs incurred by someone who calls a ported land line? E.g. if my neighbour in Cape Town calls my 021 671 xxxx number which has been ported, what costs do they incur?

If you ported to FreshPhone, the number is classified as a VoIP number.  The charge would depend on what service your neighbour uses, for instance, if they were using FreshPhone also the call would be free, if they use a Telkom landline they would be charged at Telkom's p/min rate to VoIP, the same applies to all other networks ie. Vodacom, Cell C, MTN etc. 

Most providers rates are readily available online for reference purposes. Alternatively, the most accurate way to know would be to contact the service provider and to ask then what the per minute rate is to a specific destination. 

I hope this has provided you with some clarity with regards to the matter. 

I have just checked with Telkom. Right now a call to VOIP (087...) from landline would cost R0.59 for the first minute from a landline and R0.40 to a landline. To the person generating the incoming call they would be making a call assuming the latter cost. 

Two questions then

1. Is it legal to allow a person to make a call to a purported landline (in this case the ported landline number) while they assume one rate and get billed another.

2. Why is there nothing on your website relating to incoming call costs?



Hi Mark,

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, the legality of the matter is not in question here, as number porting is a standard process practiced globally. In SA, number porting is regulated by ICASA and all telecommunication companies need to abide by these rules and regulations. If you have ported your number to a particular provider, the onus would fall on the user if needed to announce to his/her contacts that their number is no longer located with the prior service provider. In most cases, this is not needed, it is all dependent on the owner of the number. 

2. FreshPhone can only advise on the call costs that we would charge, which would be for outgoing calls. We do not charge for incoming calls and therefore cannot display or advise on incoming call costs.


Hope you find the above in order.



Hi FreshMan

Not disputing the legality of porting, something I have greatly appreciated in the past.

What is not clear on your website and which I have now established with Euphoria is that Freshphone have made a decision not to levy any additional costs on a call originating from a Telkom landline to a ported landline with a historically geographic location (e.g 021, 011 etc.)- that is, an interconnection fee being passed onto the caller dialing the ported number. This is however discretionary and it is quite possible that in the future Freshphone could levy any costs without the incoming caller necessarily being aware of it unless they had established beforehand whether the "landline number" was indeed a landline number or a VOIP number . ( 

Be great to see this on your website. Complete billing candour is such a fantastic selling point in my opinion. My penny's worth.

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