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Installing Zoiper on Mac Mini

Have opened Freshphone account, installed Zoiper on my Mac and followed instructions given to Indrin by Freshman 3 months ago.  Still get error Code SIP408.

    On Zoiper   "creating new account"  clicked SIP

   For user/user@host    put

  Cut and pasted  password from Freshphone dashboard

 Entered nothing under Domain/Outboard Proxy ( as per Fresh Man)

CLick next and asked for an account name.  I have used many as will not allow repeat.  

 After clicking next attempts to connect but gives failure message after about a minute.

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Hi Peter, 

As discussed, unfortunately, it would seem Afrihost is actively blocking your service from connecting to Freshphone, the only resolution to this would be to communicate with your ISP directly to attempt to solve the issue.

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