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Phone goes offline

I have a B315 router with a Analogue phone connected to it. Everything works well, but after a few minutes it goes offline and will not receive calls. If I make a call out it will come back online and so on. I have disabled the Firewall on the router and disabled the SLG SIP port. Please assist

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Hi, It sounds like the router is still blocking traffic to the registration If the firewall is off and you have disabled SIP ALG the only other variable would be the consistency of the network in use. 

You may also be experiencing an issue with the Analogue phone or port. 

The 4g network seems to be stable with full signal all the time. I have tried 2 different Telkom phones. Should I rather get a VoIP phone?

We would always recommend making use of a pure VoIP phone, perhaps test the mobile applications on your network before purchasing additional hardware. you can try Zoiper on most mobile devices - If it works then perhaps proceed with a new purchase of hardware. 

Could it be a setting on your side? I have tried the exact same devices with a different VOIP service and I dont get this issue. The only thing I changed was the Username, password and the servers. 

Hi Mike

Your router must be blocking inbound traffic from our server if you are online for a short while, and then go offline. It does sound very much like a firewall issue. Drop firewall to low and please disable SIP ALG

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