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Broken voice on certain numbers only

I'm having a weird problem with my freshphone account. About half the numbers I dial are completely unusable when someone answers the phone. The line goes garbled and you can't understand a word on the other end. I use G.729 protocol and the licences and everything are sorted and all is working. 

For some reason it doesn't do this with all phone numbers. Only a handful. Any ideas? My line latency reports as 5-10ms and I've turned off the weird SIP nonsense that is supposed to be a troublemaker on the router to no avail.

Hi Dale

Do you have any feedback wrt your issue?

I'll give it a try and let you know.


Hi Dale

We run this same platform on hundreds of thousands of extensions, it's definitely not on the switch from VoIP to analog. I have it on my Android phone and it works 100% as long as I have good signal, otherwise it can be garbled. Your incoming calls seem to be long conversations that are unaffected.

I know that if I add your account to my phone it would work perfectly ( I do have great signal where I am at the moment)

There has to be something that is affecting it on your side. Send us a time/date of a call that this happens on and we will run a SIP trace on it to see if we can see anything strange. We need to have an example that is not older than 4 hours please

Hi Fresh Man,
I am using an Asus RT-AC68U running latest Merlin firmware. I have tried with SIP passthrough turned on and off. I have tried QoS on with VOIP prioritised, at the bottom, in the middle and QoS off. It was doing the same thing when I was running on a 10Mbps Openserve fibre line as it is now doing on a Vumatel 50Mbps line. The Equipment is a Yeastar TA100.

I have tried it on Zoiper and even straight through my Android phone using it's built in SIP protocol. It does the same garbled nonsense on everything. I would tend to agree with you that it could be internet, but then it's been tried on 2 fibre lines, and then my phones LTE connection as well. You can phone one number and it's garbled, phone another number and it's crystal clear, then phone the other number again and it's garbled. That doesn't seem like internet connection to me.

I think it's a problem, possibly not even on your side, but maybe even on the switch from VOIP to analog or however it gets done to non-VOIP numbers.


Hi Dale

Upon further investigation we conclude that the issue must lie with the connection to the internet.

If it works 80 percent of the time, it is not the device, or your account

If you have a good healthy internet connection ( not necessarily speed ) then Freshphone calls will be crystal clear

Hi Dale

Is this issue still persisting? Garbled calls are either one of these culprits

Codec  - You are using the correct one

Connectivity - latency could be great, by jitter and packet loss might not be

Router - Which one are you using?

Equipment - which device are you using to register with?

Hi Dale, 

Can you perhaps load the SIP account to Zoiper - and attempt a few test calls, this will determine whether the issue is not perhaps with the device you are using or perhaps the codec the device utilises.

Hi Fresh Man,

I don't know why only 6 calls are showing. I looked back in my outgoing call history until may and there's a few more there. Well you see, a small percentage of them, maybe 10-15% have this issue. And I don't keep track of when it occurs because it happens, I can hear garbled nonsense, hang up and then phone back with my cellphone and it's perfect. Obviously, I don't have time to wait a few minutes or an hour to try again and accomplish a phone call which then works on my cell. I just resigned myself to the fact that this my penance for getting rid of copper.

The problem ones you can spot in my call history are all the really short ones basically, like 3-7s long in most instances. Numbers include 011 465's, 083's, 011 457's, 0861's, 011 849's, 011 609. I imagine they are a mix of VOIP and old fashioned copper.

Hi Dale, I see only 6 outbound calls on your account, how many of them were issues and to which destinations eg: 011 or 086 etc

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