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SIP Account Registration

Good Day I would like to confirm if one may be able to register the same SIP account on two separate devices, a compatible desk phone and a mobile phone app for example, the same time with calls ringing in to both devices.

Thank you! I will be signing up soon

Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this, as this is a residential system, it was designed to be hassle-free for home users. Should you require some more conventionalĀ PBX functionality, you could useĀ Euphoria Telecom.

Thank you for your response. Would a user be able to register and deregister their SIP account from device to device without any conflicts?

Technically you could register the account on two devices at the same time however they will not both ring with inbound calls, they will re-register every hour depending on your phones setting. This means one might ring and the next time the other. You can, however, make outbound calls from both. It's not an ideal solution. You could look at getting a cordless DECT phone which will allow you to assign multiple handsets to a single line, that may be a solution for you.

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