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Ported Telkom No.



Can't find anything on the forum so have to request help.

My Telkom number (012 660 ....) was ported yesterday but when anyone calls the line is dead and we don't receive calls.

087 number is OK.

Hope you can help.

Otherwise Freshphone is really great and I am sooo glad I ditched Telkom and came over to you. I'm spreading the word!!

Kind regards


Hi Keith, 

Thank you for your post, we are looking into the matter, we will let you know once we have found the cause of the issue. 

Hi Keith,

Please advise if this issue still persists?

I am having the same problem, my Telkom number is engaged when called 021434.... I can call out using the ported number ( using Zoiper) I would also like to divert the number after hours which also doesn’t seem to work Please assist

Hi Craig,

I hope you are well. Please have a look at the screenshots below. The first screenshot is to check whether you have DND enabled on the device which will block incoming calls. The second screenshot is for assigning the handset to the active account. Please have a look at these settings. 



Thank you. 

Hi Craig

Did you manage to come right with your receiving of calls?

I am having the same problem as Keith with my ported number.

When you try to call my ported number it hangs up.

I can receive calls on my 087 number.

Hi Andrew, 

I have taken this up with the relevant provider, I should have a response shortly.

Hi Andrew, 

This should be fixed, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if there are any further issues.

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