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Divert incoming call

Currently with my Telkom line, I can divert all incoming calls to my cellphone when I'm not home.  Is this possible with VOIP? Thanks.

Hi Antoinette, 

Yes, this is most definitely possible, you can set up call forwarding to any other number you like.

Remember that calls that are forwarded will be charged to your account in the form of an outgoing call to the desired destination. 



So If I set up another Home fresh phone number and divert the 1st freshphone home number to the second. would I be charged for the diverting ? because freshphone to freshphone is free.

The purpose of this is to have two home phones so I don't have to run to study everytime phone rings

Hi Brandon, 

Technically no you wouldn't be charged because it is on on-net call, you would need to have a phone that supports diverting to a number after a certain time period though. Alternatively, depending on the phone, I know Gigaset and possibly yealinks can do this, they allow you to use incoming and outgoing lines with multiple handsets, that should mean that they will both ring at the same time. I can't test this for you unfortunately because we don't have more than one Gigaset handset here at the office. Which phone are you wanting to use?

thank you for your response, I am using a grandstream GXV 3240

It's a desk phone, I think you may have to do the forwarding thing. Just make sure it supports forwarding after a ring duration.

hey thank you for the reply I just checked an look what I found 

what time settings should I use?

(1.68 MB)

can I add a second number under my same profile or must I create a new profile?

Hi Brandon,

I am unfamiliar with this model of phone, you may have to check the manual/play with settings.

Unfortunately, as this system is designed around being a residential account, you can only have 1 SIP account per user account. You will need another account yes.

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