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Incoming calls not working. Error: We sorry your call cannot be completed at this time.


I have installed Zoiper and configured it using the QR code scanner. I also tried installing my SNOW M9 Phone to see if this would work. Both phones call out perfectly but when calling the fresh phone number from a landline or cell phone I get this voice message: "We sorry your call cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try again later." 

Please advice. 

Hi Neil, 

We have used your account and set it up on a mobile device using Zoiper and the QR code, when we called it rang through immediately indicating that the account configuration on our side is fully functional.

Try to remove the Zoiper account and start fresh, test this on your mobile network and your WiFi network, this may highlight where the issue lies. 

Snom M9 phones are notorious for not working properly, we would not recommend making use of this device, purely taking into account the amount of hassle customers have experienced with this device.  

I am not new to VOIP or IT. I have 13 years experience in IT and have setup Voip PBX systems for many companies but never struggled as much as this with any of these systems. I get that you don't charge any sign up or monthly costs, but you do make money on calls made from the system and you still need to provide at least basic support. Browsing these forums for an answer, all I can see is fresh phone telling users the issue is on the clients side. That's really not support of any kind. 

So I tried re-adding the account with the QR code as suggested and I get the same issue. I have since signed up with Nexus VOIP, added the five settings they provide manually along side your account on my soft phone and hard phone and it worked straight away. They charge R25 a month but there call rates are cheaper so they about as free as fresh phone, just with phone and email support. Even my my M9 is working. Maybe its not the soft phone or a problematic hard phone that is the problem. 

I do like your business model though of no monthly fees and I hope you take this feedback constructively and build on it. I am not an irate customer, I am just an honest customer giving you my experience on your platform.

Hi Neil, 

Thank you for your feedback, we welcome any comments and suggestions, and we will most definitely take your comments as constructive. 

Can you elaborate on the manual setting you had to implement to make use of the service, also may we ask that you post what mobile device you are making use of? 

Mobile device is a Huawei P8 lite with Zoiper installed. The settings that worked on my Nexus account for Zoiper are:

Protocol: SIP (UDP/TCP)
Username/CLI: phone number
Password: my password

On the Snom device this relates to (all fields not included below are left blank):

Display Name: Anything you want

Account: Phone number


Authentication Name: Phone number

Password: My password

Password (repeat): My password

Fresh phone account is still not working for incoming calls. 

Hi Neil,

The issue with your number has been resolved, it stemmed from the number range not being properly associated with our trunk. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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