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How do I cancel my Freshphone account

I have been trying for 2 weeks to get my landline number ported to Freshphone.

i have completed the forms, paid the required amount, added money to my account, posted 3 support tickets and still nothing. 

I would therefore like to cancel my Freshphone account and be paid back the money that I have spent.

Please let me know what is the procedure.

Good day Nick, 

We must offer our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience to you, with regards to your port.

We have received both your payment and porting form, however, we have not received a few other key documents required to proceed with the porting application, upon further review we have noticed that this could be contributed to our site navigating users to a new tab window to complete the form, with the unfortunate unforeseen result being users skip/look over the document upload widget. 

We apologise for this and see how this obstructs the process and ease of use. (We are discussing the matter with our team and looking to improve the layout and flow of this process) 

Our porting department will be in touch via email shortly to attempt to reconcile and correct this missed communication towards you. 

As an added note, thank you for reverting to our help forum, as is the nature of our service offering, we rely greatly on the input of individuals such as yourself and welcome all comments in efforts of improving our services. We unfortunately only work on a forum basis with regards to the exchange of information. Please note this for future communication and to ensure you receive the top-notch service you deserve. 

I am considering cancelling my freshphone account as the forum is not helping me solve my problem.

I have around R200+ that will need to be reimbursed. How do I go about this...?

Hi Brian, 

Please revert to your ISP to resolve the connection issue, if you send them the error they can trace it and resolve this for you. 

Hi there. I have contacted my Fibre ISP (Afrihost) who have confirmed that there are no blocked protocols on my my account, and that UDP is enabled.

They have suggested that you ad their IP range to your system. Their range is 169.1.  

Can you please check this out?


Hi Brian

I am going through all the older posts in the forum to ensure that all issues have been seen to. I see that your account is registered on the 169.1 IP address. Our Forum team has become more technical and we will endeavor to offer a better experience with issue resolution

Hi My Name is Len Krause and in the last week of last month Feb 2018, I signed up for port forwarding. My port forward number is 031 262 7859 - I paid the R150.00 and did all required steps. I was told a few weeks . May I get an update or confirmation that this is taking place

Regards Len

Hi Len,

I have checked on the status of your port application and it is due to port tonight, 8th March and should be active tomorrow morning.



I do not see a remove account option

Hi Paul,

Sorry we had to remove that button, you wouldnt believe how many people were "accidentally" deleting their accounts. If you need an account removed, please log a ticket and our accounts team will delete it for you.

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