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Registration Issue

Hi. I have been using Freshphone via Zoiper for Android (Samsung Galaxy Note3) for a few weeks on a 4Mbps ADSL line. The service was trouble-free. Yesterday I moved to a Fibre FTTH connection (50up/50down) and my Voiper would not register or connect.  I have tried re-installing, and tried every combination of I can think of to configure the Voiper settings, but to no avail. I have also tried the Media5 softphone, but still also with connection/registration issues.

The fields required in the soft phone settings are provided by on my Freshphone dashboard, but the names of the fields differ slightly from the names of the corresponding fields in the softphones, so I may be missing a trick there.

My router is a new D-Link AC1200 Wifi Gigabit router Dual band 11AC for 802.11ac wireless (for the tech boffins)

Can anyone confirm what Freshphone data populates what Zoiper or Medi5 phone setting screens?

Kind regards,,,


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My GrandStream HT802 and old phone work OK. Call quality seemed better than the Telkom line.

Have not tried an overseas call yet.

And the latency is good too:


Hi Paul, 

You can either go with something like a Yealink DECT phone or a Grandstream ATA adapter if you wish to re-use old hardware. It's totally up to you, they ultimately function the same way, you will be able to make and receive calls.

I have tasted using a landline and cellphone. All works well. I would now like to port to Fresh Phone. It also seems like the grandstream devices to connect analogue phones seem the cheapest solution and the way to integrate a familiar phone into a VoIP system for older less tech savvy users?

Hi Paul,

I am glad that it is working for you now. We do not have a call centre you can call to test but have you called your mobile? or some one in your family to test?

I am now embarrassed. I enabled all firewall settings. SPI, ALG, PPTP, IPSec , etc. I also removed all port forwarding. Added port 5060 to IP address and decided to try again. No luck. Tried to add route. Then I looked at the IP address and mask of the WAN. Then I noticed it was this did not alarm me as my Afrihost WAN has some unusual settings. Gateway was DNS, and mask of (mod class c I guess but not seen much by me). So I released and renewed my IP. Zoiper and my IP phone inbuilt software worked. Sorry for all this. Would like to call someone from fresh phone to test sometime

Below is part of an email trail between myself and a high level tech at Afrihost, please see:


That is the router which our client had an issue with to the point he replaced it, seems nothing he or we could do helped the matter. Im not sure if you are open to testing another router? how long have you had this router maybe afrihost can offer you another one?

My router is a dlink dir825. WAN input in gigabit Ethernet as are the LAN ports

Which router though? is it the same as in the example?

Yes have tried both and

and and

No luck

Hi Paul, which router are you using? I see a very very long email thread between our sister company and another user with a D-Link DIR-825 router. After a lot of backward and forward I see he just replaced with a mikrotik that Afrihost provisioned and he says everything is working 100%

You have tried to put the :5060 at the end of the registeration address? IE: 

Im not sure I may have seen you tried on another thread.

Similar ping and tracert results as Brian

Hi there. I have exactly the same problem. AfriHost fibre 10Mb up 10Mb down. Huwawei fibre modem with DLink DIR825 Wifi router. My Android based Redmi Note 2 has a built in SIP/Internet phone service. I have also installed Zoiper and have a FreshPhone account.

All perfect on both AfriHost MTN and Vodacom mobile networks. Zoiper and built in Android SIP caller work on fibre.

Hi Brian,

We are so happy to see that you were able to get your FreshPhone account to work with your new Afrihost fibre installation, We received your very thorough report via our parent company Euphoria Telecom, detailing the trials and successes you managed to achieve, thank you for all of your efforts and patience during this process, we are sure the findings will be an invaluable resource to other users that might be experiencing the same issues, we have condensed the matter below.


Brian has a FreshPhone SIP account and uses it on this Mobile phone when we conducted a test using only mobile data (Not Wifi) the registrations worked perfectly, hence the conclusion that the ISP he uses for his Wifi connection may be blocking some sort of traffic in- or outbound.


Here is what he said:

"Since yesterday morning, my general connectivity was problematic, and any browsing was difficult. It came to a head this morning when I needed to do some online banking and I could not connect to my bank via the router. So, this afternoon reset the router to factory defaults and everything is working fine again. (Phew..!) … except for my sip phone."

Brian then compiled a further short event based summary below: 

"I am having problems with my Zoiper phone. The problem seems to be somewhere in my router, or it’s in my ISP, or Sip provider. Before we start let me give you some background. I installed Zoiper on my phone, and signed up to a SIP provider, and was able to operate well via my ADSL Wifi connection. I then upgraded to Fibre (50up/50down) and had overall greatly improved connectivity, except my SIP phone no longer worked. 

I am using a Samsung Note3 (SM-Noo5) android device running android version 5.0. My router is a brand new D-Link AC1200 Wifi Gigabit router. On standard/default settings. My Zoiper phone connection works if my phone is off of my wifi. Ie it works on 3g/4g, but will not register to my Sip provider via wifi. I have set up Zoiper on my laptop (connected by wifi to router), and it will not connect to the sip provider. The message I get is SIP 503 – DNS Timeout.  I have run a TRACERT from my laptop on the SIP1 address, and this is the result that I got. 

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms dlinkrouter []

2 4 ms 2 ms 2 ms []

  3 3 ms 2 ms 3 ms []

  4 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms []

  5 4 ms 3 ms 3 ms []

  6 21 ms 21 ms 21 ms

  7 22 ms 20 ms 21 ms

  8 * * * Request timed out.

  9 21 ms 20 ms 20 ms []

 Trace complete.

A specialist from the SIP provider has checked my router settings quite thoroughly. (over 90 minutes using Teamviewer). "

Upon a recommendation to test a connection directly to the ONT here are Brians findings; 

"Tried connecting directly to the ONT (port 1) and had no success. 

  On the Zoiper connection on my laptop, I change to 

  And it worked. I dialled from my laptop (on wifi) to my cell and got a connection. 

  I then went to my cell and put the same address in the Host field.., but no success. Then I went to optional settings on Zoiper, and changed the outbound proxy to and, hey presto! it registered.  So it looks like all is working. 

Thanks for your patience guys.., will keep my FreshPhone :) "


Thanks again Brian from all of us at the FreshPhone team.

Hi Brian, 

Thank you for your patience, and cooperation thus far, this forum update simply serves to announce to other users that we are indeed working on possible resolutions with you and your connectivity provider to see if we can facilitate or assist you with the errors you are encountering. 

You need not reply to this, we will once resolved, update this forum again so other users experiencing a similar scenario can make use of the information. 

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