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Multiple SIP Lines on a single account

Hi All

Is it possible to set up multiple SIP lines on a single account? I would like to use Freshphone for my family and give each one a different number. Setting up new accounts for the kids is a challenge due to RICA requirements (they don't have municipality bills, even though I think they should :-) )


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Hi Richard, 

We are ROTFL...

You could add accounts to your existing one, if you go to the sign-up page you will see that the option is made available, you can select a new DID for each person. 

Hi Richard, Currently our sign up page / existing user addition is having a bit of trouble, We will let you know when it has been fixed. 

Ok, so on the Sign-Up page, I enter (for example) my sons email address under "Verify Email" and use my details under "Existing Login Details". So I will be the "User" and have multiple "Accounts" underneath me. I have created a "User" using my sons email address. Can this be deleted. I have deleted the account underneath it.

Yes, you can please email the email address that needs to be deleted to and we will remove it for you.

Once you have added the multiple SIP accounts under your email login/user please be so kind as to only upload each respective person's ID as Rica documents, we will be able to approve it for you 

Hi is this function fixed, I would like to have 3 numbers in my account to use the airtime

Hi Darren, 

Yes, it is indeed. 

Here is a recap on how to:

1. Navigate to the FreshPhone website.

2. Click the sign-up link

3. Select Existing customer 

4. Complete the credentials section to log in

5. Now select one number and tick the T's and C's as well as the "You are not a robot" box and proceed it should then tell you that your registration has been completed 

Repeat this for any additional DID's. 

You will then find then listed under your profile when you log on to the portal. 

Billing Note: The accounts will need airtime to be loaded individually. 

As they are still technically separate accounts they will not be linked in this way. 

Is there anyway to "merge" them to have a shared billing account?
Asking as I'm having the use/need for two accounts at home, one a frequent dialing, and the other less so.

Hi Hendrik

Unfortunately not. We are unable to merge the billing on 2 separate accounts.

Hi there,

I am having a problem adding multiple SIP accounts/numbers to my account. When i do as you have suggested above (to Richard) and select Existing Customer under sign up it gives me an unusual error message. I have tried on multiple devices with a range of privacy settings from desktops to mobile phones. I simply cannot seem to pass this step.

Although i have just started using FP i am loving the concept!

Hi Candice

We did pick up an issue last week from our page security update that we carried out. This issue is the existing username sign up is not working. Our Dev team have built the fix and it is in our staging environment. It will be released to our live environment on Friday night. 

Dear Fresh Man,

I hope this email finds you well. I am still unable to add numbers to my account. Any idea on how long it will be until the matter is sorted? I want to use a number as a staff call out contact and cannot proceed with much of my admin until i have this contact number. Can i perhaps register an account and number in the meantime in the name of one of the staff members? and then when you have sorted out your tech issues we can delete that profile and i can add that specific number to my account? 

Hi Candice

It was moved to our Beta environment on Friday and requires us toupdate a few other things which have been coded already and added to Beta. I have just been told that the final will go live on Friday....and maybe before.

Hi Fresh Man, 

Thanks for your assistance.  I was easily able to add multiple SIP lines to my account over the weekend and everything ran smoothly.  Now i need to assign those numbers.  Could you please guide me on how to go about doing that?

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