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No Incoming calls

 I set my Freshphone account via Zoiper and I can make outgoing calls. I was notified that my Telkom landline number was ported to the Freshphone number on the 24/5/2017) but yet the landline is still working even though it should have been cancelled by Telkom.

If I dial the Freshphone number it rings on the Zoiper phone but if I dial my old Telkom number it still rings on the landline like normal.

Does this mean that the porting has not been done correctly?

Problem resolved all working fine now. The number had not been correctly ported.


Good day Please assist me, i cant receive any calls and calls out my line always off

I do see that your accounts is currently reflecting as offline from our side.

Please advise which device you are using and I will advise what needs to be done further.

Good day,

I just setup my number 0870576671 on Yealink W52P handset.  Incoming calls are not ringing or coming through  but outgoing calls are fine. Can someone kindly assist. 

Hi George

This normally always points at the firewall, and a specific setting called SIP ALG which needs to be disabled.

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