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Ported Number Dead

We recently ported our Telkom number to Freshphone.

We received a notification that the number was successfully ported.

However, when we place calls to that number (from another line), that number is dead and nothing happens.

Has anybody else experienced this? Please send advice.


Hi Brandon, 

We are looking into your enquiry, and will revert back soon. 

Hi Brandon, 

It seems an error occurred when the number was added, we have corrected this and your ported number should be working perfectly now. 

Good afternoon

I have exactly the same problem.

I am able to dial out from my App but can not use the fixed line. It neither receives calls or is able to dial out.

I have requested a call but nothing received as yet.

I have essentially have paid for a service I am not receiving.

It's extremely frustrating.

Hi Alex,

As discussed, this has been resolved. 

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