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SIP Server is down!

The SIP Server ( is down this morning so no VOIP phone calls are possible! The server does not even respond to pings via either my fiber or cellphone network.

The FreshPHONE Dashboard shows the Network Status as "Fully Operational" - so what gives?

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Good day Nigel,

While our servers are fully operational, our upstream network provider is having an issue with their IP network, this means that our servers utilizing their IP's are sporadically available. They assure us they are close to resolution.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Fresh Man

There seriously needs to be some visibility of the true Network Status. I still have no VOIP service (now for over 4 hours) and the Dashboard still shows the network status as "Fully Operational".  

Incoming calls to my VOIP number also do not divert to my Voicemail.

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5 hours later  and still no service.

Almost 24 hours later - still no VOIP service.

Mine has been back since last night.

Account says registering used to work stopped all of a sudden.

(18.3 KB)
Still no connection, after signing on it show my phone number and when clicking my numbet it show error forever

Hi Patrick,

Replied on your private ticket you created. 

Thank you. 

When call is answered nobody can hear each other

When phone rings and call is answered nobody can hear each other

Hi Herman

Please send a email to and give recent examples of your no audio. Include exact time of call, caller ID called from and number called to

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