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registration at provider failed

Gigaset A540IP
My registration at provider failed is displayed each time I attemp to configure my phone

I have been using my A540IP for about 6 months and now suddenly it has also been giving me this error.

I tried setting it up again and it worked for 5 minutes before saying registration at provider failed.

Please can you guys advise on a fix?



Have a look at the link and make sure to follow it step by step. 

I also need a fix here.  The System PIN seems to be wrong. I put in the default of 0000 and it says wrong pin.

Please help.

Hi, Luke, and Moira, 

It sounds like a change has been occurred on the device, perhaps a firmware update or something similar, 

Perhaps look at factory resetting the devices and applying the configurations from scratch.

Also, make sure changes on your network or firewall are not actively blocking registration and keep alive.

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