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Porting an old Telkom number

Many people ask:
"So I used to have this old Telkom number that my mom, dad, and friends knew, but we cancelled Telkom years ago, because our lines kept getting stolen (or we changed to fiber)... can you port this number for me?"

Well something along those lines... the answer is as follows:

We can only port an active, current and paid-up account. In other words, you would have to go back to Telkom and re-request the old number form them again, have an active account, settle any outstanding changes, then, and only then, can you port to us - but yes if you do this or if you have already done this, you can port to us.

Once your number has successfully been ported, you may cancel your Telkom account.(If the number is bundled with an ADSL package, and this is the connectivity you will be using for FreshPhone you will need to retain the Line and have a new number allocated by Telkom.)