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How do I link my ported number to my FreshPhone account?

Hi, How do I link my ported TELKOM number to my FreshPhone account?

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Hi Rupert, 

First sign up, then complete the Porting application in the TMS (look for the DID section), then once the port is complete, we add the number to your FreshPHONE account. The number becomes an alias to your primary 087 number you got when you signed up. (Both are then usable)

You have advised that my number is now ported but it isn't linked. What do I need to get this done


Dear Customer,

Please note that the porting process for FP-PORTv2-00269 has been successful.

Your number will be ported on October 30 2018.

Kind regards,
The FreshPHONE Porting Department

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FreshPHONE Porting Department
You are receiving this email because you submitted a number porting request.



Hi William,

I hope you are well. I see your number has been successfully ported to our system. The number is available on the Freshphone web portal for use. Please test and advise. 

Thank you. 

Hi, I have been advised that my number has been successfully ported however I do not see it within the DID Manager.

 please assist as to how I would go about to link or set it up.

Dear Customer,

Please note that the porting process for FP-PORTv2-00744 has been successful.

Your number will be ported on June 27 2019.

Kind regards,
The FreshPHONE Porting Department

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Hi Aadil,

I see your number is there, please confirm all is working, inbound calls ringing and outbound displaying your geographic cli.

hi, all is set up, however not ringing on the sip phone at all after I disabled the mobile app.

Hi Aadil

Did you reset the application before you disabled it? If not, you will need to install it again, go to settings, say reset application and then try the other deivce

If you've ported a geographical number does it simply ring on the 087 number or is there a way to identify a call made to the geographical number - from someone who dialed the 087 number for example? Different ringtone for example.

I know through a normal Telkom exchange its possible to give calls made to the  2 numbers different ring tones.

So if I port my 2 Telkom numbers to Freshphone are they all going to ring exactly the same as the 087 number?

Yes they are all going to ring the same way.

Yes, I have the same question. I received an email stating that my telkom number would be ported on the 27 January 2020. What do I do next?

Check on the TMS to see if it is linked below your VOIP number in caller ID, under Account Settings.

If its there, you will know its ported successfully.  And when you dial the old Telkom number your VOIP device will ring. 


When your number has ported, please test the ported number from different networks and advise if you are experiencing any problems with your ported number.

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