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No support?

I opened ticket #49 24 days ago, and have not had a response. I have still not received the emails, even though I am now up and running using MicroSIP (Zoiper doesn't work properly at all).

Was the ticket missed? Was it assigned to someone who isn't around?

Some insight into why the ticket hasn't been responded to would be most appreciated.


Jitsi also hangs, and doesn't seem to recover (more than half the time).

Dear FreshMan, I signed up on 22 August 2017 and have not received the welcome email. I have also fill in form to port my Telkom number and paid and signed through Rightsignature. I thus did not get the link in the email to finalise. Can you please help. DID number: 0872382587. email:


Hi Neels,

I just sent you the welcome mailer again from the system, please let me know if you don't receive it.

Hi Fresh Man, I only received the two replies in connection with the porting. No welcome mailer. Does it matter or is there a link that I must activate. Thank you for your assistance. Regards. Neels


Welcome mailer was sent attached to ticket - Solved 

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