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Ported Telkom number not working

The ported Telkom number shows in the DID Manager panel, but if the number is called there is no response/ not available.

Thanks for the response. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hi Riana,

As per our email correspondence, the issue was escalated to our porting authorities who have since arranged for the routing to be updated. I tested the line this morning and the call went through.

Hope you find the above in order.



why can i not receive and incoming calls on my yealink phone

My number was successfully ported. When I dial out using my A510IP Gigaset, the number that comes out on the receiving phone is my telkom number (happy with that) but when I try dialing my telkom number I get a message that number dialed is not available, why?


Hi. My ported number has been working perfectly for the last few months, but today whenever I call the ported telkom number I get the automated response that the number is not on the Euphoria network. Any suggestions?

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